Why do Scottish folds sit weird?

Why do Scottish Folds lie on their backs?

There are a few different reasons why Scottish Folds might lie on their backs. One possibility is that they’re trying to get warm; since they have shorter hair than other breeds of cats, they may not be able to keep as warm when it’s cold outside. Another possibility is that they’re trying to get attention; when they lie on their backs, their belly is exposed, and people tend to pet cats more when they’re lying down.

How do Scottish Folds sit?

Scottish Folds typically sit with their hind legs tucked underneath them, similar to a cat. This position allows them to conserve body heat and be more comfortable.

What is wrong with Scottish Folds?

There is nothing wrong with Scottish Folds, per se. However, they are known for having a number of health problems, including joint and bone issues, due to their unique genetic makeup.

Are Scottish Folds in pain?

There is no evidence that Scottish Folds are in pain. In fact, they are known for being docile and friendly cats. Some people may think that their folded ears are due to a genetic defect, but in fact, this is a natural mutation.