Who is responsible for Eva Smith's death?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are several characters in the play who could be held responsible. Some people might argue that it was Arthur Birling who was ultimately responsible for Eva Smith’s death, as it was his decision to fire her that led to her becoming desperate and taking her own life. Others might say that it was Sheila Birling who was most at fault, as she was the one who bullied Eva and drove her to suicide.

Does Birling regret her decision?

No, Birling does not regret her decision. Although she is initially upset with herself for being so careless, she eventually comes to terms with the fact that she made the best decision possible given the circumstances.

How is Gerald a hypocrite?

Gerald is a hypocrite because he preaches about the importance of honesty, but he is not honest himself. He also talks about the importance of being kind to others, but he is often unkind to others.

How did Gerald Croft treat Eva Smith?

Gerald Croft treated Eva Smith poorly. He was condescending and made her feel inferior. He also refused to help her when she needed it.

Who killed Eva in Inspector Calls?

The answer to this question is not explicitly stated in the play, but it is heavily implied that Arthur Birling, the father of Eva’s fiancé, killed her. There are several clues that suggest this is the case. First, when Inspector Goole questions Birling about Eva’s death, Birling becomes defensive and tries to shift the blame onto someone else. He also has a motive to kill Eva; he was angry with her for wanting to break off their engagement.

Who is the most guilty in an inspector calls?

The most guilty in an inspector calls is Sheila. She is the one who called the inspector, and she is also the one who caused the most damage.

How is blame presented in An Inspector Calls?

In the play, An Inspector Calls, blame is presented in a variety of ways. The most obvious way that blame is presented is through the character of Inspector Goole. He is constantly questioning the characters and making them feel guilty for their actions. Another way that blame is presented is through the use of dialogue. For example, when Sheila is talking to her father, she says “It was all my fault. I wanted to be grown-up.

How is Eric presented as immature?

Eric is immature because he is often selfish and does not think about the consequences of his actions. For example, in the first book, he gets angry at his mom for grounding him and takes it out on his little sister. He also makes fun of people who are different from him and does not always behave in a responsible way.

How is Gerald Croft responsible for Eva’s death?

Gerald Croft is responsible for Eva’s death because he convinced her to leave her husband and children for him. He also convinced her to move away from her family and friends, which made her feel isolated and alone.

Does Eric accept responsibility?

Eric has said that he takes responsibility for his role in the scandal. He has apologized to the American people and to his colleagues in Congress. He is also cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Is Eric a socialist or capitalist?

Eric is a capitalist.

What actually happened in an inspector calls?

In an inspector calls, a wealthy family is visited by a government inspector. The inspector is investigating the suicide of a worker from the family’s factory. The family tries to cover up their role in the worker’s death, but the inspector reveals their secrets.

How is Mrs Birling responsible for Eva Smith’s death?

Mrs Birling is responsible for Eva Smith’s death because she refused to give her a job, which led to her becoming a prostitute. Mrs Birling is also responsible for not helping her when she was pregnant and had nowhere to go.

Who was most responsible for Eva Smith’s death with quotes?

There is no one person who can be said to be most responsible for the death of Eva Smith. Rather, her death was the result of a series of interconnected events and decisions made by a number of different people.

Who does Mrs Birling blame for Eva Daisy’s situation?

Mrs Birling blames Eva Daisy’s situation on the fact that she was born into a poor family. She believes that if Eva Daisy had been born into a wealthier family, she would have had a better life.

What did Eric do to Eva Smith?

Eric exploited Eva Smith for his own gain, and when she threatened to expose him, he had her fired from her job.

Why is Eric responsible for Eva Smith’s death?

Eric is responsible for Eva Smith’s death because he was the manager of the factory where she worked and he fired her. When she went to see him to plead for her job back, he refused to listen to her and instead insulted her. This caused her to become so upset that she committed suicide.

What does Eric Birling represent in An Inspector Calls?

Eric Birling represents the younger generation in An Inspector Calls. He is reckless and doesn’t think about the consequences of his actions. He also doesn’t seem to care about other people’s feelings.

How is Sybil Birling presented by Priestley?

Sybil Birling is a snobbish and unyielding woman who puts her own interests above all others. She is dismissive of the working class and views them as inferior. She is also unyielding in her opinions, refusing to listen to others or consider their viewpoints.

How is Eric guilty?

There are a few ways in which Eric could be guilty. First, he may have been the one who actually killed the victim. Second, he may have known who killed the victim and failed to report it. Finally, he may have been involved in some way in covering up the murder.

Who is to blame for Eva Smith death?

There is no one person to blame for Eva Smith’s death. Rather, it is the result of a series of events and choices made by many different people. If anyone is to blame, it is the system that failed her, not any one individual.