Who is Drake fortnite?

Drake is a rapper and singer who has collaborated with several other artists on Fortnite songs. He is not, however, an official part of the game itself.

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Who is Drake on Fortnite?

Drake is a Canadian rapper and singer. He’s also a big Fortnite fan, and has even appeared in-game with some of the game’s other celebrities.

Does Drake have a Fortnite skin?

There is no confirmation that Drake has a Fortnite skin, but there is speculation that he may have one. Some believe that he was wearing a skin called “The Reaper” in a video posted to Instagram.

How did Ninja meet Drake?

Drake met Ninja through a mutual friend who had been working with the rapper on some music. After hearing some of Ninja’s gaming content, Drake reached out to him and the two became friends.

Is Drake going to be in Fortnite?

There is no confirmation that Drake will be appearing in Fortnite, but there is speculation that he may make an appearance due to his friendship with popular Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. If Drake does appear in the game, it will likely be as a special guest star for a limited time.