WHO IS DR Roylott in the Speckled Band?

  1. Dr Roylott is the antagonist in Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, “The Speckled Band.”
  2. He is a cruel and abusive man who murders his step-daughter, Helen Stoner, in order to gain control of her inheritance.

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WHO IS Dr. Roylott to Helen Stoner?

Dr. Roylott is Helen Stoner’s stepfather.

How would you describe Dr. Roylott?

Dr. Roylott is a very dangerous and unpredictable man. He is known to be very violent, and has a history of using his medical knowledge to harm others. He is also a cold, calculating individual who is not afraid to use threats or violence to get what he wants.

What kind of man is Dr. Roylott?

Dr. Roylott is a very dangerous man. He is a criminal and he has a very bad temper. He is also very strong and he knows how to use weapons.

What did Dr. Roylott do in the Speckled Band?

Dr. Roylott did not do anything to the Speckled Band. It was his stepdaughter, Helen Stoner, who was being threatened by her stepfather.