Who is Delie in nightjohn?

Delie is a slave girl in the novel Nightjohn. She is illiterate and has spent her life working on a plantation. When Nightjohn arrives at the plantation, he begins teaching her how to read. Delie is initially resistant to learning, but she eventually comes to see the importance of literacy. She is also one of the few slaves who escapes from the plantation during the Civil War.

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Why was John called Nightjohn?

John was called Nightjohn because he was a slave who learned to read and write in the night, when he was not working. He taught other slaves how to read and write as well, in spite of the danger it posed to him.

Why does outlaw get whipped Nightjohn?

Nightjohn is whipped because he is an outlaw. Outlaws are people who have broken the law and are not following the rules of society. They are considered criminals and are punished by the law.

Who is Delie in the book Nightjohn?

Delie is a slave in the book Nightjohn. She is a young girl who is chosen to learn how to read by Nightjohn. She is a reluctant student at first, but she eventually learns to read and write.

How old is Nightjohn in Nightjohn?

Nightjohn is about eighteen years old when he begins his training as a slave.