Who is David Mamet's wife?

David Mamet’s wife is Rebecca Pidgeon.

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What religion is David Mamet?

David Mamet is not religious.

What is David Mamet known for?

David Mamet is known for his plays, which often explore the darker side of human nature. His works include Glengarry Glen Ross, Oleanna, and Speed-the-Plow. Mamet has also written screenplays and directed films.

Who influenced David Mamet?

David Mamet was influenced by a variety of people, including playwrights such as Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, as well as filmmakers such as Akira Kurosawa. Mamet has also spoken about how he was influenced by the work of Elia Kazan and Clifford Odets.

What has David Mamet said about playwriting?

David Mamet has said that playwriting is all about “finding the truth and telling the truth.” He also believes that a good play should be “clear, concise, and compelling,” and that it’s important for a playwright to be able to “tell a story in a way that engages an audience.