Where is Terry McMillan from?

Terry McMillan was born in Port Huron, Michigan.

Are Tracy McMillan and Terry McMillan related?

Yes, Tracy McMillan and Terry McMillan are related. They are both daughters of the late Reverend Willie Ray McMillan.

Who is Terry McMillan husband?

Terry McMillan is married to Jonathan Plummer. The two have been together since 1992 and were married in 2003.

Who is Terry McMillan on Family or Fiancé?

Terry McMillan is a best-selling author who has written many novels, including “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and “Waiting to Exhale.” She was married to author Jonathan Plummer from 1993 to 2005, and the two have one son together. In 2012, McMillan announced that she was engaged to Reverend Omarosa Manigault.

Does Terry McMillan have a sister?

No, Terry McMillan does not have a sister.

Where did Terry McMillan grow up?

Terry McMillan was born in Port Huron, Michigan and grew up in nearby Mount Clemens.

Is Stella Got Her Groove Back a true story?

No, the movie Stella Got Her Groove Back is not a true story. It is a romantic comedy about a woman who takes a trip to Jamaica and falls in love with a local man.

Who is Jonathan Plummer married to?

Jonathan Plummer is married to his wife, Stephanie.

Is Terry McMillan biracial?

Terry McMillan is biracial. Her father is white and her mother is black.

How old is Tracy McMillan?

Tracy McMillan is 47 years old.

What happened to the real Stella Got Her Groove Back?

The real Stella Got Her Groove Back is still out there somewhere, living her best life. As for the movie character, she probably found a new groove and is doing just fine.

Does Stella marry Winston?

No, Stella does not marry Winston.

Where is Terry McMillan’s ex husband now?

Terry McMillan’s ex husband is now living in Los Angeles.

Where does Terry McMillan live now?

Terry McMillan lives in Northern California.

Where is Family or Fiancé filmed?

Family or Fiancé is filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Where did Terry McMillan go to college?

Terry McMillan attended Jackson State University.

What nationality is Terry McMillan?

Terry McMillan is an American author.

Is the Family or Fiancé host sick?

The Family or Fiancé host is not sick.

Is Terry McMillan married now?

Terry McMillan is not married now.

Did Terry McMillan pass away?

No, Terry McMillan is very much alive.

Is author Terry McMillan married?

Terry McMillan is not married.