Where is t11 and t12 on the spine?

The 11th and 12th thoracic vertebrae are located in the middle of the back, just below the shoulder blades.

What nerves are affected by T11 and T12?

The T11 and T12 nerves are responsible for innervating the abdominal muscles and skin.

How do you fix a broken T12?

If the T12 is broken, it can be fixed with a few simple steps. First, remove the lightbulb from the socket. Next, twist the metal base of the lightbulb counterclockwise to remove it from the socket. Finally, use a screwdriver to unscrew the metal base of the lightbulb and replace the filament.

Which part of the spine is most vulnerable to injury?

The cervical spine is the most vulnerable to injury because it supports the head and has seven vertebrae.

What does T11 vertebrae control?

The T11 vertebrae is located in the middle of the thoracic spine and it helps to support the ribcage. It also helps to control some movement of the ribcage.

Where are the T11 and T12 vertebrae located?

The T11 and T12 vertebrae are located in the thoracic spine, just below the cervical spine and above the lumbar spine.

What muscles are innervated by T12?

The muscles innervated by T12 are the iliacus, psoas major, and quadratus lumborum.

Can a T12 fracture cause paralysis?

Yes, a T12 fracture can cause paralysis. The T12 vertebra is located in the middle of the back, and is responsible for moving the arms and legs. A fracture to this vertebra can cause paralysis of the arms and legs.

What is your T11?

My T11 is a small, unassuming restaurant in the heart of Tribeca. The food is fantastic, and the service is always impeccable. I can’t recommend it enough!

Can you walk after T12 injury?

Yes, many people with a T12 injury are able to walk. However, they may need assistance or use of a wheelchair for longer distances.

What does T11 and T12 control?

T11 and T12 control the movement of the arms and legs.

What nerves are affected by T11?

The T11 nerve is responsible for innervating the abdominal muscles. It originates in the lower thoracic spinal cord, and travels down through the abdomen to innervate the muscles there. Damage to this nerve can cause weakness or paralysis of the abdominal muscles, which can lead to difficulty breathing, coughing, or vomiting.

Why is thoracic pain a red flag?

Thoracic pain is a red flag because it can be a sign of a serious medical condition, such as a heart attack. Other possible causes of thoracic pain include lung cancer, pneumonia, and aortic aneurysm. If you experience any type of chest pain, it is important to seek medical attention right away.

What part of spine controls bowels?

The lower part of the spine, near the tailbone, controls the bowels. This is because the spinal cord ends near the tailbone, and the nerves that control the bowels start at that point.

What does the T12 nerve control?

The T12 nerve controls the movement of the hip and knee.

Can thoracic spine affect legs?

Yes, the thoracic spine can affect the legs. The thoracic spine is responsible for the movement and stability of the ribcage and upper back. If there is a problem or injury in the thoracic spine, it can cause pain and dysfunction in the upper back and neck, as well as the legs.

What level of spinal cord injury causes bowel incontinence?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. The level of spinal cord injury that causes bowel incontinence can vary depending on the individual’s anatomy and physiology. Generally, a higher level of spinal cord injury will cause more significant bowel incontinence than a lower level of injury.

What is the T12?

The T12 is a measure of the time it takes for a substance to diffuse one foot. It is used to measure the effectiveness of air purifiers and filters.

What thoracic level is the bra strap?

The bra strap is located at the thoracic level T4.

How do you sleep with a T12 fracture?

There are a few different ways to sleep with a T12 fracture. One way is to sleep in a recliner or use pillows to prop yourself up. Another way is to use a body pillow to keep your spine aligned. You can also try sleeping on your side.

What does thoracic nerve pain feel like?

Thoracic nerve pain can feel like a sharp, stabbing sensation in the chest. It may also cause a burning or tingling feeling in the chest and arms.