Where did Lynda Mullaly Hunt teach?

Lynda Mullaly Hunt taught in the public schools for many years before becoming a full-time writer.

Why did Lynda Mullaly Hunt become a writer?

Lynda Mullaly Hunt became a writer because she loves to tell stories. As a child, she loved to make up stories and share them with her family. She also loved to read and write. These passions led her to become a teacher and then a writer.

What is Lynda Mullaly Hunt known for?

Mullaly Hunt is known for her New York Times best-selling novel, Fish in a Tree, which tells the story of a dyslexic fifth-grader.

How long was Lynda Mullaly Hunt a teacher?

Lynda Mullaly Hunt was a teacher for six years. She left teaching to become a full-time writer.

Where does Lynda Mullaly Hunt get her inspiration?

Lynda Mullaly Hunt gets her inspiration from her students, who she says are “the bravest people I know.” She is constantly inspired by their resilience in the face of adversity and their ability to find the good in every situation.