Where can I find conifers?

There are conifers all over the world, in many different climates. Some of the most well-known coniferous trees are the Douglas Fir, the Ponderosa Pine, and the Lodgepole Pine. You can find them in forests, national parks, and even in your own backyard!

What countries have coniferous forests?

There are many countries that have coniferous forests, including Canada, the United States, Russia, and Sweden. These forests are home to many different species of trees, including pine, spruce, and fir. They are typically found in colder climates, and are an important part of the ecosystem.

Where are coniferous forests in the United States?

Coniferous forests are located in the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, and the Cascade Range.

Is a Christmas tree a conifer?

Yes, a Christmas tree is a conifer. Most people think of fir trees when they think of Christmas trees, but there are many types of conifers that can be used as Christmas trees.

Where are shrubs found?

Shrubs are found all over the world, in a variety of habitats. They can be found in forests, meadows, and even in deserts.

How much of England was forest?

England was a heavily forested country up until the 18th century. By the end of the century, however, only about 10% of the country was still forested. This dramatic decline in forest cover was largely due to the widespread use of coal for heating and cooking, as well as the conversion of forests to agricultural land.

What is the oldest woodland in the UK?

The oldest woodland in the UK is Sherwood Forest. It was established in around 812 AD.

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Was Scotland once covered in trees?

There is evidence that suggests Scotland was once covered in trees. For example, a study of aerial photographs from the 1930s showed that around 60% of the country was forested. However, over the last few centuries, Scotland has lost around 97% of its woodland. This is largely due to human activity such as deforestation and farming.

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What are conifer flowers?

Conifer flowers are small, green and look like pine needles. They grow on the tips of the branches and are pollinated by wind.

What are the coniferous tree and where they found?

Coniferous trees are found all over the world. They are typically tall trees that have needles instead of leaves.

What does a conifer look like?

A conifer is a type of tree that has cone-shaped fruits. They are typically evergreen, which means they keep their leaves all year long. Some common types of conifers include pine trees, cedar trees, and spruce trees.

Are there conifers in the UK?

Yes, there are conifers in the UK. The most common conifer in the UK is the Scots pine.

Why are there no trees in Scotland?

The climate in Scotland is not conducive to tree growth. The winters are cold and the summers are wet, which can lead to root rot. Additionally, the high winds can damage trees.

Is a pine a conifer?

Yes, a pine is a conifer. All conifers are trees, and they produce cones as their reproductive organ. The cones of a pine contain the seeds that will grow into new trees.

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Where conifers grow well answer?

Conifers grow well in areas with cool climates and moist soils. They are often found in mountainous regions, where the soil is acidic and the climate is cool and moist.

How many conifers are there?

There are about 630 species of conifers in the world.

Where do conifers house their seeds?

Conifers house their seeds in cones. The cones are located on the ends of the branches.

When was Britain deforested?

Britain was deforested in the 18th century. This was largely due to the need for timber to build ships and houses. Deforestation also caused soil erosion and contributed to climate change.

Why are there no trees in the UK?

The UK is a relatively small country, and its climate is not particularly conducive to tree growth. Additionally, the UK has a long history of human activity, which has resulted in the loss of much of its natural forestland.

Why are there no trees in Ireland?

The lack of trees in Ireland is largely due to the country’s climate. Ireland is a very wet and windy country, with average annual rainfall of over 1,000 mm (39.4 in) and average wind speeds of up to 16.1 m/s (58.7 mph). These conditions are not ideal for tree growth, as they can damage or kill trees.