Where Can Continental Glaciers Be Found Today?

The glaciers that make up the Rocky Mountains and the Alps are located in the Alps and Rocky Mountains, respectively. The Rocky Mountains are located in North America.

Why are there glaciers near the Equator?

The Earth’s climate is constantly changing, and as the Earth’s temperature changes, the ice on the planet melts and flows to the poles. Glaciologists believe that this is because the Earth’s atmosphere warms up and the water droplets get smaller, which means that more ice and water can flow to the poles.

Which glacier is known as continental glacier?

The Krakatoa Glacier is a continental glacier in the Andes.

Where are there glaciers in the United States?

There are glaciers in the United States, but they are small and scattered.

Are there glaciers in Hawaii?

There are glaciers in Hawaii, but they are small and relatively new.

Which of the glacier is located in Antarctica?

The Inuvik Glacier is located in Antarctica.

Is Siachen a continental glacier?

Siachen is a glacier in the Indian Himalayas.

Is Antarctica a continental glacier?

Yes, Antarctica is a continental glacier.

What part of the Earth does not have glaciers or ice sheets today?


Which state has the largest total glacial area in the continental US?

The state with the largest total glacial area in the continental US is Alaska.

What type of glaciers are present in Iceland today?

Iceland is home to a number of glaciers, including the Vatnajökull glacier, which is the largest and most well-known glacier in the country.

Is Antarctica a continent?

Yes, Antarctica is a continent.

What is an example of a continental glacier?

A continental glacier is a large glacier that is located on a continent.

What happens to the ice in continental glaciers?

The ice in continental glaciers is melted and released as water and snow flow down the mountain. The melted ice makes a large hole in the glacier and this is where the water and snowflow goes down the mountain.

Is Iceland a continental glacier?

Yes, Iceland is a continental glacier.

Do continental glaciers move?

There is no consensus on whether or not continental glaciers move. Some scientists believe that they do, while others believe that they do not. There is no one answer that will suffice for all questions about continental glaciers.

Where would you find glaciers?

The glaciers are found in many places around the world. Some of the most notable glaciers are the Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes, and the Antarctic ice sheet.

Where are continental glaciers and valley glaciers found?

Continental glaciers and valley glaciers are found in the Alps, the Himalayas, and the Andes.

Are there glaciers in the South Pole?

Yes, there are glaciers in the South Pole. glaciers are found in many places around the world, but the South Pole is one of the most glaciated areas on Earth. The ice sheet that covers the South Pole is about 6,000 feet thick and has a history of melting and advancing.

Where do continental glaciers come from?

The continental glaciers come from the ice caps on the continent of Antarctica. These glaciers are very large and cover a large area of the continent.

Do continental glaciers exist today?

Yes, there are active continental glaciers in many parts of the world.

How many glaciers exist today?

There are around Half a Million Glaciers on Earth.

Where is the largest glacier in the world?

The largest glacier in the world is the Amundsen Glacier in Antarctica.

Is the North Pole a glacier?

Yes, the North Pole is a glacier.

How are continental glaciers different from valley glaciers?

Valley glaciers are formed on the lower slopes of mountains, while continental glaciers are formed on the higher slopes of mountains. Continental glaciers are much thicker and have a much more gradual flow. Valley glaciers are more fragile and are often destroyed by avalanches.

How many states in the United States have glaciers?

There are 11 U.S. states with glaciers, of which 8 are in the Northeast and 2 are in the West.

Where would you find continental glaciers today?

The continental glaciers are located in the Alps and the Pyrenees mountain ranges in central Europe.

Are glaciers found in mountains?

Yes, glaciers are found in mountains. Glaciers are the largest and most important ice fields on Earth.

What is a continental glacier quizlet?

What is a continental glacier quizlet?A continental glacier quizlet is a quiz that helps students understand how glaciers work.

How many glaciers are in the continental United States?

There are approximately 17,000 glaciers in the continental United States.

Where are the only two places in the world where continental ice sheets occur today?

The only two places in the world where continental ice sheets occur today are in Antarctica and Greenland.