What Is The Difference Between An Animal And A Mammal?

An animal is a mammal, while a mammal is a species of animal that includes both human and animal brains.

What are the 3 mammals that lay eggs?

The three mammals that lay eggs are the chicken, the rabbit, and the egg-laying whale.

Is an octopus a mammal?

The octopus is not a mammal.

Is Kangaroo a mammal?

No, kangaroo is a marsupial.

Is chicken a mammal?

No, chicken is not a mammal.

Which animal is not a mammal?

A non-mammal animal is an animal that does not have a mammary gland.

Is Butterfly a mammal?

No, Butterfly is not a mammal.

Is Shark a mammal?

Yes, Shark is a mammal. Sharks have a backbone and a skull, and they can breathe air and water.

Is a jellyfish a fish?

Yes, jellyfish are fish.

Which is the largest mammal in world?

The biggest mammal in the world is the elephant.

Are cats mammals yes or no?

Yes, cats are mammals.

Is penguin a mammal?

Penguins are not mammals, but they are close to it. Penguins have a very large brain, and they can even learn to read and write.

Is a mammal considered an animal?

No, a mammal is an animal.

Do any mammals lay eggs?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are many different types of mammals and many different types of eggs. Some mammals lay eggs while others do not. Some mammals lay eggs in the ground while others lay them in a nest. Some mammals lay eggs one day and others lay them the next.

Is a turtle a mammal?

Turtles are not mammals, but they are related to mammals.

Is Frog a mammal?

Frogs are not mammals.

Are dogs a mammal?

Dogs are not mammals.

Is a fish an animal yes or no?


Are birds animals or not?

Birds are animals, but some people believe that they are also capable of flight.

Which mammal can fly?

A bat can fly.

Why whale is not a fish?

Whale is not a fish because they have a backbone.

Is snake a mammal?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is a matter of opinion. Some people believe that snakes are mammals because they have a backbone and a spinal cord, which is similar to that of a human. Other people believe that snakes are not mammals because they do not have a backbone or a spinal cord.

Which animal gives both milk and egg?

A cow gives both milk and egg.

Why is a shark not a mammal?

A shark is not a mammal because it has a backbone, a spinal cord, and a heart.

Is rabbit an animal?

Rabbits are animals.

Are dolphins a mammal?

Dolphins are a mammal.

What isn’t an animal?

A plant

What makes an animal an animal?

An animal is an animal because it has a backbone and can walk on two legs.

Is fish a mammal?

No, fish are not mammals.

Is a whale an animal or a mammal?

A whale is an animal.

Are humans mammals?

There is no one answer to this question as people have different opinions on the matter. Some people believe that humans are mammals because of their similarities to other mammals, such as the ability to lactate and have a family. Others believe that humans are not mammals because of their unique physiology, such as having a backbone and a brain.