What Is Another Name For Latitude?

What is another name for latitude?

Is the longitude?

The longitude is a measure of a location’s latitude.

Why are latitudes called meridians?

A meridian is a longitude line that parallels the equator. The pole of the Earth is located on the meridian.

What is another name for latitude longitude?

The latitude and longitude of a location are measured in degrees east and west (or north and south).

What is the another name of latitudes?

The other name of latitudes is degrees.

What is pole and equator?

Pole and equator are two of the three major axes in space. They are perpendicular to each other and represent the geographic coordinate system.

Is longitude or latitude first?

Latitude is first.

What are longitudes called?

Longitudes are measured in degrees, not minutes.

Is equator a latitude?

Yes, equator is a latitude.

What is another name for the zero meridian?

The International Date Line is another name for the zero meridian.

What is an example of latitude?

A latitude is a measure of how far north or south of the equator a location is.

Which is latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude are two of the most important coordinates in a map. Latitude is the angle east or west of the Prime Meridian, while longitude is the angle north or south of the Prime Meridian.

What is the latitude of India?

The latitude of India is 56.77°N.

What is the other name of latitude Why?

The other name for latitude is longitude.

What is latitude and altitude?

Latitude is the angle east or west of the Prime Meridian on Earth. Altitude is the height above sea level.

What is a latitude answer?

A latitude answer is the latitude of a location.

Are latitudes called meridians?

No. Latitude is measured from the equator, and longitude is measured from the Prime Meridian.

Is longitude and altitude same?

Yes, longitude and altitude are the same.

What is called equator?

The equator is a long, thin line that circles the Earth. It’s the place where the Earth’s surface meets the sky.

Is parallel another name for latitude?

parallel is not a word.