What happens when you hide a friend on line?

  1. When you hide a friend on line, the friend is no longer able to see your profile or interact with you on the site.
  2. The friend is still a part of your network and can still see your updates if you have them set to public, but will not be able to see your profile or interact with you on the site.

What happens when you hide a friend?

It’s possible to hide a friend’s updates from your News Feed, but keep them on your friends list. They won’t know they’ve been hiding.

How do I hide chat on line app?

We’re going to click on the line work button and then we’re going to learn how to send and receive hidden chat. To find the person you want to chat with, open the LINE app and tap on theHidden chat at the right top corner. It will be hidden chats when you send images or messages. Messages are being sent.

What happens when you hide a chat?

Clicking on the line work button will allow us to send the chat messages to a hidden folder. You won’t be able to access your messages on your mobile device if you archive them.

What happens when a contact is hidden?

Thank you. Hide from Contacts means moving the record from the main Contacts folder to the other Contacts folder. You can find the contact by searching. It’s a search engine. Adding to My Contacts is an effective way to unhide it.

Can I hide a friend on discord?

How to block someone on a platform. If you’re using the desktop app for Mac or PC, you can block someone by right-clicking someone’s name and selecting “Block” from the menu that appears.

How do I know if someone blocked me on LINE?

You can tap on the person’s profile to see if they will block you. You need to tap the home logo if you want to go to the person’s home page. You have been blocked if it says there are no shared moments yet.

How can you tell if someone has added you on LINE?

They used your code to add you. They used your LINE ID to add you.

How do you know if someone has deleted LINE?

If you look at the home screen of your phone, you can tell if you have uninstalled LINE app. It’s possible that the LINE icon isn’t there. If you scroll through the list of apps until you find LINE, you can tell if someone uninstalls the app.

Does LINE have secret chat?

A new feature allows the sending of time- limited messages. LINE is the newest version. There are 5 The feature allows users to send time-limited messages to one another.

How do I block friends on LINE?

You can block an account by using the Home tab. You can block the account by holding the name of it. There is a block that you can tap.

When I hide a comment on FB who can see it?

Everyone except the person and their friends will not see the Facebook comment. They will not know that the comment is hidden. Deleting the Facebook comment will not allow anyone to see it.

What are Messenger secret conversations?

Although Secret Conversations is a completely private space for messaging, Facebook states that users are still able to screenshot these messages, which may be shared.

How do you find hidden messages on Facebook?

You can find hidden messages on your Facebook inbox by tapping on the speech bubble icon in the People tab. More things.

Can you hide a contact?

It’s not possible to hide contacts in the Google Contacts app, but you can hide them in the website. You need to sign in to the correct account.

What does Google hide from contacts do?

Hide from contacts will add an entry to the other contacts list. Click on the label icon if you want to hide some entries. You can create a label to identify contacts.

What does hide contacts without numbers mean?

You can hide contacts without phone numbers by checking the option Only with phone number and saving the settings. Contacts with no phone number will be hidden from the contact list and search results.

Can u tell if someone is invisible on Discord?

You can’t tell if someone is hidden. One of the most requested features on the suggestion forums has not been given in to.

How do you hide who is online on Discord?

There is a way to hide a member list. You need to hide members on the server. Clicking on the users sign show will cause the member list to disappear.

Can you tell when someone was last active on Discord?

There is no way to tell if someone is actually online except for their status. You won’t be able to tell if they’re online or offline if their status is set to offline. When a person’s status is hidden, it means that their status is private.

Does someone know they are blocked?

They will still be able to send you text messages if you block them. The messages won’t show up on your phone, but the sender will see them. They will not know that they have been blocked.

Can random people add you on LINE?

If you receive a message saying “So and so added you by phone number”, they will not be able to friend you on Line because you both have the same phone number.