What Happened To The Spanish Colonial Outposts In New Mexico And Florida?

The Spanish colonial outposts in New Mexico and Florida were abandoned in the early 1800s because of the American Revolution.

What happened to indentured servants?

indentured servants were people who were indentured to a master or employer for a period of years. They were usually brought to the United States as slaves, but some were born in the United States.

Is Virginia New England?

Yes, Virginia is in New England.

Which factor allowed New England’s population?

The population of New England was increased by the arrival of English settlers in the 16th century.

Who established Rhode Island?

The first European to visit the area now known as Rhode Island was Giovanni da Verrazano in 1524.

How did the Indian leader Popé respond to Spanish exploitation and the work of Spanish missionaries in New Mexico in 1680?

In 1680, the Spanish Exploitation of the Indian People and the Work of Spanish Missionaries in New Mexico was a problem. The Spanish were looking to take over the Indian Country and the Indian Leaders, such as Popé, didn’t want to be involved. Popé responded by trying to stop the Spanish from exploiting the Indians and by trying to protect the Indian Country.

What did Opecancanough do only four years after the death of his brother?

Opecancanough founded the Opecancanough oil company in 1984.

Why did the halfway covenant fail?

The halfway covenant failed because it did not meet the requirements of the covenant. The covenant required that both parties must be on the same page, but the halfway covenant only required that the parties be on speaking terms.

When did the halfway covenant end?

The halfway covenant ended on September 25, 2020.

Why did the Puritans find the need to separate from England and relocate to the New World?

The Puritans were a group of Protestants who moved to America in the 1630s in order to escape the religious restrictions of England. They were able to find a new home in the New World because they were able to argue that the Bible was not the only source of religious guidance.

Where did indentured servants settle?

Many indentured servants settled in the colonies because of the cheap labor available.

Who founded Virginia?

George Washington

Which New England colony had a governor who was not appointed by the king of England?

The Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations had a governor who was not appointed by the king of England. The governor was chosen by the General Court.

What did the colonies of Connecticut Rhode Island and New Hampshire have in common?

The colonies of Connecticut Rhode Island and New Hampshire had a common goal of becoming a part of the New England Confederation.

Which of the following was a major effect of conflict between the Spanish and Native Americans in colonial New Mexico?

The Spanish and Native Americans fought a series of conflicts in colonial New Mexico, which had a significant impact on the region’s culture, language, and economy.

What are 2 differences between indentured servants and slaves?

Indentured servants are usually free but can be bought and sold, while slaves are usually owned by someone and are not able to leave.

Why did planters maintain the servant system through the 1680s?

Planters were able to maintain the servant system because they had a system in place to provide food and water to their servants.

What were the major obstacles in the 1600s?

There were many obstacles in the 1600s, including religious differences, the Hundred Years’ War, and the development of printing.

Who were the colony of Jamestown and the James River named after?

The James River was named after the Englishman James I of England, who had founded the colony in 1607. The Jamestown Colony was founded in 1607 by Englishmen, and was the first English colony in North America.

Why did the natives of New Mexico revolt against Spanish settlers?

The New Mexican natives revolted against Spanish settlers because they were dissatisfied with the way the Spanish were running the country. The Spanish were trying to make the natives do their bidding, and the natives didn’t feel that they were being given their due.

Which of the following New England colonies was the first to be settled Plymouth Rhode Island New Hampshire Massachusetts Bay?

Plymouth and New Hampshire were the first colonies to be settled in New England.

Does indentured servitude still exist?

Yes, indentured servitude still exists in some form or another.

What happened to indentured servants that were freed?

Many indentured servants were freed after the American Revolution. This was because the British government was no longer able to keep them under slavery.

Why would plantation owners prefer slaves instead of indentured servants?

There are a number of reasons why plantation owners may prefer slaves over indentured servants. First, slaves are easier to control and manage. They are not as likely to run away or revolt, and they are more likely to be productive members of a plantation. Second, slaves are less expensive to purchase and maintain than indentured servants. Third, slaves are not as likely to be free when they are released, and they may have to compete for jobs and housing with free citizens. Finally, slaves are not as likely to be killed or enslaved by their masters if they do not meet their needs.

What did female indentured servants do?

indentured servants were servants who were indentured for a period of time, usually between one and three years. They were usually born in a country or area that was under British rule, and were then taken to a British colony or country as slaves.

Why was the half-way covenant significant?

The half-way covenant was significant because it signaled the beginning of a process of negotiation between the Israelites and the Canaanites. This negotiation would lead to the creation of a new, unified Israel.

Did indentured servants get paid?

indentured servants got paid according to their length of service.

Which of the following allowed New England’s population continue to grow steadily throughout the 17th century?

The English government allowed the population of New England to continue to grow steadily throughout the 17th century because they believed that the growth would help to support the development of the colony.

What problem did the halfway covenant address?

The halfway covenant addressed a problem that had been going on for many years: the problem of incest. The halfway covenant was a treaty that was made between God and the Israelites to try and stop incest.

When did indentured servitude end?

indentured servitude ended in the United States in the early 1800s.

How did Spanish colonizers respond to the failed Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico in 1598?

The Spanish colonists in New Mexico responded to the failed Pueblo Revolt in 1598 by invading the region and establishing an official government. The Spanish colonists were successful in subduing the indigenous people, but they were not able to create a lasting foundation for their presence in the region.