What Gas Was In The Apparatus For Generating Oxygen?

The gas used to generate oxygen was hydrogen gas.

Can you drink liquid oxygen?

Yes, you can drink liquid oxygen.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKhbY5ocj4g

Is household gas natural gas?

Yes, household gas is natural gas.

How do you make oxygen at home?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Each person’s home oxygen setup will vary. However, some common methods of making oxygen at home include using a oxygen tank, using a home oxygen generator, or using a breathing apparatus.

What is oxygen peroxide?

Oxygen peroxide is a white, crystalline material that is used as a disinfectant and as a source of light.

Which chemicals are used in laboratory preparation of oxygen?

The most common chemicals used in laboratory preparation of oxygen are acetic acid, formaldehyde, and methylene chloride.

How can I get nitrogen gas at home?

There are a few ways to get nitrogen gas at home. One way is to use a nitrogenator, which is a device that helps you get nitrogen gas from air. Another way is to use a nitrogen tank, which is a container that has a small hole in the top that you can place a gas canister through.

How oxygen is prepared from potassium nitrate?

Oxygen is prepared from potassium nitrate by reacting it with water and carbon dioxide. The oxygen gas is created as a by-product.

Can you make oxygen from nitrogen?

Yes, oxygen can be made from nitrogen.

Is pure oxygen used in hospitals?

Yes, pure oxygen is used in hospitals.

What chemicals make up oxygen?

The elements that make up oxygen are hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen.

How was oxygen extracted?

The extraction of oxygen from water is accomplished by a process called distillation. The water is heated until it boils, and then the boiling water is drawn off in a stream. The hot water is then cooled and the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen are separated.

How is co2 gas collected?

How is co2 gas collected?

What’s the name of the catalyst used in the experiment to generate o2 gas?

The catalyst used in the experiment to generate o2 gas is a metal-oxide-hydride (MOC) catalyst.

How is hydrogen gas prepared in the laboratory?

Hydrogen gas is prepared in the laboratory by reacting hydrogen gas and water.

How is oxygen gas made in laboratory?

The process of making oxygen gas in a laboratory starts by reacting an oxygen gas with a carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide gas is converted into carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide molecules. These molecules are then combined with water to make oxygen gas.

Where did CO2 come from?

The Earth’s atmosphere contains about 21% of the world’s CO2. The rest comes from the Earth’s surface and from the natural gas and oil that are burned by humans.

What gas is used in school labs?

The most common gas used in school labs is air.

Which method is preferred for the laboratory preparation of oxygen gas and why?

The preferred method for the laboratory preparation of oxygen gas is the use of a gas chromatograph. This method allows for the separation of the oxygen gas into its component molecules.

What is the difference between medical oxygen and industrial oxygen?

Medical oxygen is used to breathe in healthy people and is not used in industries. Industrial oxygen is used to breathe in unhealthy people and is used in factories.

Why is hydrogen peroxide preferred in the preparation of oxygen gas?

Hydrogen peroxide is preferred because it is a strong oxidizer and it does not produce any objectionable fumes.

Where does oxygen come from?

Oxygen comes from the air.

What is laboratory gas?

Lab gas is a gas used in laboratories to study and measure substances.

Why is oxygen collected over mercury?

There are many reasons why oxygen is collected over mercury. Mercury is a heavier element and it takes more energy to break it down into its component elements than oxygen. Additionally, mercury can cause cancer if it is breathed in.

Why zinc is preferred for the laboratory of hydrogen gas?

Zinc is a metal that is abundant in the Earth’s crust and is easily soluble in water. Zinc is also a strong oxidizer, meaning it can quickly break down molecules of hydrogen gas to water and carbon dioxide. This makes zinc an ideal metal for the laboratory of hydrogen gas because it can quickly and easily produce hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.

Can you extract oxygen from CO2?

No, oxygen cannot be extracted from CO2.

Which gas is collected over mercury?

The gas that is collected over mercury is nitrogen.

What is the use of manganese dioxide in the laboratory preparation of oxygen?

Manganese dioxide is used to adjust the strength of oxygen gas molecules.

Which method of lab preparation of oxygen gas is more effective?

The most effective method of lab preparation of oxygen gas is to use a gas chromatograph.

How do hospitals make oxygen gas?

A hospital makes oxygen gas by boiling water and air together. The water creates a boiling point higher than the air, which makes oxygen gas.

What is used for collecting gas during experiment?

A gas collection device is typically a metal or plastic container with a mouth that is fitted with a hose to allow gas to be collected.