What Does Tropic Mean?

Tropic means “of or relating to the Tropics” in English.

What is the antonym for the word tropical?

The word “tropical” is the opposite of “cold.”

What is a trophic relationship?

A trophic relationship is a type of relationship in which a species depends on the survival of another species for its own survival.

How do you use stellar in a sentence?

How to use stellar in a sentence:To use stellar, you will need to input the number of stars you want to see.

What is the word meaning of Tropic?

The word “tropic” means “near the tropics.”

What does trophic mean in Greek?

trophic means “feeding.”

What is the grammatical term for we?

The grammatical term for “we” is “you.”

Is tropics a proper noun?

Tropics is not a proper noun.

Does Tropic mean tropical?

Tropic is a word meaning “of or relating to the Tropics.”

Where do tropics start?

Tropics start in the lower latitudes.

How do you use temperate zone in a sentence?

In the temperate zone, it is typically summertime. The weather is mild to hot with average monthly precipitation around 50-60mm. In the summertime, it can get a little hot, but the average temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celsius.

Can Tropic be used as an adjective?

Yes, Tropic can be used as an adjective.

What is Tropic antonym?

Tropic is the opposite of tropic, meaning that it is located in the middle of the Earth.

Where does the word trophic come from?

The word “trophic” comes from the Greek word “tropos,” meaning “food.”

What is a synonym for tropics?

A synonym for tropics is the tropics of the Earth.

Is Hawaii considered tropical?

Hawaii is considered a tropical country because it experiences high levels of humidity, average temperatures of around 21 degrees Celsius, and a very low rainfall rate.

What is the sentence of proper?

The sentence of proper is “I am.”

Does the term trophic mean turning towards?

Yes, the term trophic means turning towards.

What does proper mean in British slang?

proper is used to describe things that are done correctly or in a way that is expected.

What is a tropical location?

A tropical location is a location with a high average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius or 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Florida in the tropics?

Yes, Florida is located in the tropics.

Is gradualness a word?

Yes, gradualness is a word.

What is opposite of tropical?

A cold, winter-like climate.

Is Tropic a real word?

Tropic is a word that has been used to describe the climate in the Tropics.

How do you use Tropic in a sentence?

Tropic can be used in a sentence to describe the weather conditions in a location.

What part of speech is trophic?


Are the tropics hotter than the equator?

Yes, the tropics are hotter than the equator.

How do you use gradual in a sentence?

gradual is used to introduce a change or adjustment in something; it is often used before a noun to indicate that the change is gradual.

Is tropical Hot or cold?

Tropical Hot

What does trophic mean in medical terms?

Trophic means “feeding.”

How many tropics are there in the world?

There are over 8,000 tropical islands.