What Are The Major Cash Crops Of The Andes Region?

The Andes region is a major cash crop region in South America. The region produces a variety of crops, including wheat, maize, potatoes, apples, and oranges.

How many cash crops are there?

There are over fifty cash crops in the United States.

Which crops are most commonly grown?

Crops that are commonly grown in the United States include corn, wheat, soybeans, and rice.

Which country produces most iron ore?

The country with the most iron ore is the United States.

What are cash crops?

Cash crops are crops that are grown for their own sake, rather than for the purpose of selling their produce.

What are the three most common crops of the tierra caliente?

The three most common crops in the tierra caliente are maize, beans, and potatoes.

Is sugar cane a cash crop?

Yes, sugar cane is a cash crop. Sugar cane is a type of sugar that is extracted from the sugarcane plant.

What are the 3 types of crops?

The three types of crops are grains, fruits, and vegetables.

What crops grow in the Andes Mountains?

A variety of crops can be grown in the Andes Mountains, including potatoes, maize, and beans.

Why is farming difficult in the Andes?

The Andes are a long and difficult mountain range that runs from Peru to Bolivia. The range is made up of high mountains that are very rugged and difficult to conquer. The Andes are also very windy, which makes it difficult to grow crops.

Is wheat a cash crop?

Yes, wheat is a cash crop. Wheat is a cereal plant that is grown for its seed. The grain that is harvested from a wheat field is the main product.

Where did the Incas grow their crops?

The Incas grew crops in the Andes Mountains, in the highlands of Peru.

What minerals are mined in the Andes?

The Andes are a mountain range that runs from the north to the south. The range is made up of many different types of rocks, including sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous. The rocks in the Andes are used to make many different products, such as metals, cement, and building materials.

What are cash crops write with examples?

Cash crops are crops that are grown for their edible kernels or flowers.

What is Aztec farming?

Aztec farming is a type of agriculture that uses maize, beans, and other vegetables as the main source of food.

What type of vegetation and crops grow in the tierra caliente?

The Tierra Caliente is a hot, dry climate zone. The climate is influenced by the presence of the Andes mountain range, which forms the eastern border of the zone. The climate is mild to hot and dry, with an annual precipitation of around 1,500 mm.

What are two crops that can be grown in the Tierra helada?

Two crops that can be grown in the Tierra helada are corn and beans.

Is Mango a cash crop?

Mango is not a cash crop.

What kind of crops did the Inca grow?

The Inca grew crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Is jute is a cash crop?

Yes, jute is a cash crop. Jute is a type of rice that is dried and then ground into a powder. Jute is used in making rope, mats, and other materials.

What were the 3 cash crops of the Americas?

The three cash crops of the Americas were maize, beans, and tobacco.

What are the 7 major cash crops?

The seven major cash crops are maize, wheat, cotton, rice, soybeans, and oil palm.

What is America’s largest cash crop?

The cash crop in America is corn.

What were the first cash crops?

The first cash crops were cotton and wheat.

What was the number 1 cash crop?

The number one cash crop in the United States is cotton.

Was there gold in the Andes mountains?

There is no evidence that gold ever existed in the Andes mountains.

Which of the following is correct list of cash crops?

A. WheatB. CottonC. SoybeansC. Soybeans

What is the main commercial crop grown in the tierra templada?

The main commercial crop grown in the tierra templada is maize.

What were the major cash crops of the South quizlet?

The major cash crops of the South quizlet are cotton, rice, and tobacco.

What crops are grown in the South?

Some crops that are grown in the south include cotton, rice, and soybeans.

What natural resources are available in the Andes mountains quizlet?

There are many natural resources that can be found in the Andes mountains quizlet. These include coal, oil, gas, and mineral resources.