How to Send Ppt from Laptop to Whatsapp?

  1. To send a PPT from a laptop to WhatsApp, the user must first create a new WhatsApp group or join an existing one.
  2. Then, the user must open the PPT on their laptop and send it as an attachment to the WhatsApp group.
  3. The other members of the group will then be able to view the PPT within the WhatsApp app.

How do I transfer a PowerPoint from my laptop to my phone?

The steps below are used to use this method. Attach the phone to the computer. You can use the phone to transfer files. The recipient folder can be opened with the device name on the PC. If you want to share the file with someone else, copy and paste it.

How can I send presentation on WhatsApp?

The only thing you have to do is open your phone. You can choose the contact you want. To send a message. Write something down. Send the message by pressing “send”.

How can I transfer PowerPoint from laptop to mobile without USB?

Method 3 was used. It is possible to transfer files from your PC to your phone. From your phone’s settings, go to “Bluetooth” and turn it on. It’s a good idea to pair your computer and phone. You can transfer files from the PC to the phone.

How can I send a large PowerPoint File via WhatsApp?

The same can be accomplished by uploading the desired file through the Blue’Plus’ icon on the app. If you want to copy the link to the file, long press it and choose ‘Copy the link’. If you want to share the link with your contacts, open the app.

How do you share a PowerPoint presentation?

At the top-right corner of the ribbon, select Share to share your presentation with others. Select who you want to invite. You can email the person you want to share the presentation with. Click on it.

How do I email a PowerPoint from my laptop?

Click the Share icon in the upper right corner if you want to send your presentation as an email attachment. Click to view the presentation. Attach your file to a new message with the help of PowerPoint. You can send a message by filling in the details, like email addresses.

How can I share files from PC to mobile without cable?

The companion app can be used after launching the Droid Transfer app on both PCs and phones. You can now drag and drop files between the two platforms with the new software.

How do I transfer files from PC to Android wirelessly?

You can open the Windows settings and go to Devices. Make sure that the PC is discoverable. Next, open the settings app on your phone. Go to the connected devices section and tap on the device you want to pair with.

How do I transfer files from my computer to my phone?

You can move files with a cable. You can connect your phone to the computer with a cable. On your phone, there is a notification that says “Charging this device via USB”“. Select the file transfer option. There is a file transfer window on your computer. More things.