How to Hide Your Instagram Story from Everyone?

  1. To hide your Instagram Story from everyone, first open up the Instagram app and click on the “Profile” icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. From there, tap on the “Story” icon at the top of your profile and then select the “Hide Story from” option.
  3. From here, you can choose to hide your story from everyone, just specific people, or custom groups of people.

Why can’t I hide my story from all my followers?

To hide your story, you need to access your account’s privacy settings. If you want to grant a follower or group of followers access to your stories, you must remove them from the list.

Can I share my Instagram story with only one person?

The ability for users to share stories with a specific group of people has been added. Users can choose to only share certain stories with that group of people after creating a “Close Friends” list.

Is there a limit to hide story on Instagram?

It’s possible to hide your stories from multiple people. It is possible to hide it from everyone except for people who you want to see your story uploads. Go to the Profile section after opening the app on the phone. There is a hamburger menu on the top right.

How do I hide my story from everyone but one person?

There is a privacy and security section. The story control option is available. The first thing you will see is the Hide story from option. If you don’t want your story to be seen by the people you don’t want, click it and choose the people you don’t want.

How do you hide someone’s story?

If you don’t want someone’s story to show up in the bar at the top of Feed, you can mute them.

Does hiding your story hide your highlights?

Is it possible to hide the highlights from someone? As long as you hide them from your stories on social media. If you have blocked an account from seeing your Stories, they will not be able to view your Highlights.

What happens when someone hides their story from you on Instagram?

If you hide your stories from certain people, they won’t be able to see them in the future. It’s not the same as blocking someone from seeing your profile and posts.