How to Delete Photos from Instagram on Computer?

  1. To delete photos from Instagram on a computer, one must first open the Instagram website.
  2. After logging in, one must click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen and select “Photos.”
  3. This will take users to a page with all of their photos.
  4. To delete a photo, one must hover over it and click the trash can icon.
  5. A prompt will ask if users are sure they want to delete the photo.
  6. If they are, they must click “Delete Photo.

Why can’t I delete photos on Instagram?

It’s not possible to remove photos from your computer via the app. You must use the app on your phone to remove pictures. Touch the “” button and then press “Delete” to confirm.

Is there a quick way to delete photos on Instagram?

How to remove multiple posts on the photo-sharing platform. Go to the app on your phone. You can expand the post by choosing it. The menu can be seen by clicking on the three dots. You can choose to remove or confirm.

How do you delete multiple pictures on Instagram on a laptop?

Click, click twice, and then exit by clicking the profile icon if you want to remove a photo.

How do I delete photos from Instagram gallery?

Your profile picture is in the bottom right. Go to the top right and tap on your activity. First, tap Photos and Videos, then Posts or Videos. Select in the top right and then tap on the photos or videos you want to remove.

Can you delete one picture from multiple on Instagram?

After you’ve uploaded a carousel of images and/or videos, you’ll be able to remove specific posts from that series by using the three dots menu and the small trash icon.

How do you delete photos on Instagram without deleting the whole post?

There is a carousel post with an unwanted photo. You can use the three-dot icon at the top to navigate to the menu. The entire post will be deleted if you tap on the “Delete” option.

Can you delete one photo from Instagram Carousel?

Go to the menu that appears on the screen. There is a trash can icon in the top left corner of the carousel. Simply tap the icon and confirm the deletion.