How to Delete Instagram Comments on Android.

  1. To delete Instagram comments on Android, open the app and go to the comment you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold the comment, then select Delete.

How do you delete a comment on Instagram on your phone?

Click on the comment icon if you want to remove it. If you have an iPad, tap on the comment to make a left or right turn. The trash icon can be used to remove a comment.

Can you delete Instagram comments?

Below the post is where you can tap. You can remove the comment by tapping it. The comment should be deleted. Multiple comments you’ve made on social media can be deleted.

How do I delete a comment I made on Instagram?

How to get rid of your comment on social media. You can find the post where you left the comment. Swipe away from the comment. The red trash can has a button on it.

Why can’t I delete Instagram comments?

You can only remove your own comments from a post that you own. You can’t remove comments from other people on a post that isn’t yours. You can find the post with the comment on the phone.

How do I delete all of my Instagram comments?

To bulk remove comments, tap a comment and then tap the dotted icon in the top-right corner of the screen. You can manage comments. You can remove up to 25 comments at the same time. You can either block or restrict accounts in bulk.

Is someone notified when you delete a comment?

They will not know that the comment is hidden. Deleting the Facebook comment will not allow anyone to see it. The user won’t be notified of the deletion of the negative comment if they go to see it again.

Can someone see if you delete a comment on Instagram?

When you remove a comment on social media, it disappears. If you have a spammy comment on a post, the only way the spammer will notice it is if they go back and look for it.

Can I delete my comment on someone else’s post?

If you’ve posted a comment on your own or someone else’s post, you can remove it from the pull-down menu. When you remove a comment or post, a confirmation message will ask if you want to remove it.

How do I delete all comments?

To remove comments from a Word document, click on the comment you want to remove and then choose Comment. To remove all the comments from the document, go to the Review tab, click the down-arrow on the deletion option, and choose to remove all comments from the document.

Why do my comments get deleted on Instagram?

You are not following the person is the reason why the comments are limited. The comment was deleted by the sender. The comments were limited to close friends.

How do you find your comments on Instagram?

There is 1 You can use your activity to see the three horizontal lines. Pick your activity. Follow the interaction with comments. You can see all of your comments at the top. Select and choose the comments to be deleted.

How do you quickly delete a comment on Reddit?

Click on the Nuke Extension if you want to remove all comments. All my comments can be deleted if the option is selected. Let the extension do its job. If you want to read comments, go back to the site. All of them should leave.

What do you mean by comment?

The most common comment was that the service was slow. Before we begin class, I would like to mention something that deserves notice. Comment. It’s a word It was commented on.