How do you read old tweets?

  1. Twitter stores all of its tweets in a public database which can be accessed by anyone.
  2. The oldest tweets in the database are from 2006, so to read old tweets you need to access the database and then search for tweets that are older than a certain date.

How do you look up old tweets?

Go to the advanced search page if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Why can’t I see tweets past a certain date?

There are restrictions on the amount of capacity that can be used for search and timelines. Old Tweets can’t always be seen.

Can you look up tweets by date?

You can find advanced search when you log in. It’s com. Tailoring search results to specific date ranges is possible. It’s easier to find something specific. You can enter your search on the social networking site. It’s com.

How can I see my old tweets on my phone?

You can log in to your account with the app on your phone. In the lower section of the page, click the search tab and type in your email address. If you want to find the old tweets of a user, type from: and then the user’s name.

How far back do tweets go?

The most recent 3,200 posts are the ones that are shown. If they have posted 3,200 times since October, that is as far back as you can go. To get around this, you can use search: enter the words you’re interested in and specify what you want to see.

How can I see my old tweets on Android?

It is open It’s on social media. In a web browser, you can find com/search-advanced. You can navigate to this site using a browser. If you follow the user who made the tweets, it will be easier to find it. You need to log in to see the protected messages.