How do you delete a post on OfferUp?

  1. To delete a post on OfferUp, first open the post you would like to delete.
  2. Next, tap the three lines in the top left corner of the post.
  3. Tap Delete and then Delete Post to confirm.

Can you delete an item on OfferUp?

The item is at the top right corner. There will be a pop-up menu. You can remove the item by tapping the board. The item is no longer on the board.

How do I remove an item from OfferUp board?

Make sure you’re a member of the OfferUp app. There is a tap account. Saved items can be tapped. You can remove the list by selecting it. There are three dots in the upper right corner. There is a button that you can tap to remove it.

How do I delete an OfferUp from my Iphone?

There is a checkmark on the boards. If you have a checkmark next to the board, you can remove the item from it.

What happens when you archive on OfferUp?

It’s a good idea to organize your items so that you can manage your sales. Any messages about the item will be moved to the Archive page when you archive it from the Selling tab. It is possible to unlist an item from OfferUp and remove it from future search results.

Why does OfferUp keep deleting my post?

It’s possible that an item on OfferUp gets removed because it doesn’t follow our guidelines. The way it was posted may not have followed our rules. There are possible issues that include inaccurate photos or descriptions, duplicate listings, or other content that we don’t allow.

Does Archive mean delete?

Email messages disappear from your inbox. A deleted message is put into the trash, but an archive message is put into the Archive folder.

Can you see deleted messages on OfferUp?

If you have deleted a message, it will be removed from your inbox. You can find a deleted message again if you tap on the item associated with it.

How do I delete messages on OfferUp 2021?

There is a tap edit on the screen. It can be found in the upper-right corner of the Messages screen. There is a check box next to the conversations. Next, you would like to remove the messages.