How do I disconnect steam?

  1. To disconnect steam, one would need to go to their library and delete the game through there.
  2. After doing so, the game will no longer be playable and any progress made within the game will be lost.

How do I disconnect my Steam account from another device?

Go to the settings on the app on your computer. You can manage steam guard account security. Click to deauthorize other devices.

Can you deactivate Steam?

You can ask Steam Support to remove your account information if you think you won’t play the games again. Before you can fulfill the request, you must provide comprehensive Proof of Ownership.

Do I need to deactivate Steam?

There is a way to uninstall your account. There is no turning back once you uninstall your account. Even if you’ve installed the game, it won’t work if it requires a Steam account.

How do I remove my email from Steam?

You can change the settings in the steam client. There are references for the Mac client. You can change your contact email by clicking on the Account tab.

How do I uninstall Steam without losing games?

Click steam and then uninstall. There will be a pop-up to make sure you want to.