How do I delete my Google Hangouts?

  1. The user can delete their Google Hangouts by going to the app and pressing the menu button in the top left corner.
  2. From there, they will select “Settings” and then “Delete account.”
  3. This will permanently delete all messages, contacts, and other data from their Google account.

How do I permanently delete my hangouts account?

Go to the Hangouts app on your phone or tablets. The menu is at the top left. Next to your account is the Down arrow. You can manage accounts by tapping on them. Your account with the internet search engine. The tap is at the top right. The account needs to be removed.

How do I delete Google Hangouts from my computer?

You can’t remove your account from the internet without removing your account from the internet. The only way to uninstall Hangouts from your account is to uninstall your account completely.

Can I remove Hangouts from Gmail?

You can turn it off. Go to Gmail. To turn it off, go to the gear icon, click settings, and then click chats.

What happens when you delete Hangouts?

All email threads associated with that hangout will be deleted if you remove your message history. Trash doesn’t have deleted messages in it.