How do I delete multiple Tik Tok videos?

  1. There are a few ways to delete multiple Tik Tok videos.
  2. One way is to select the videos you want to delete and then press the delete button.
  3. Another way is to go into your account settings and select “delete all videos.

Can you delete multiple Tiktoks at once?

It’s not possible to remove all TikTok’s at the same time. You have to do it manually. You can do it with the help of TikTok.

How do you quickly delete TikTok videos?

Just scroll left to right until you are done. There is an option to see a trash can here.

How do you unfollow multiple people on TikTok?

Click On Your Profile Icon to Unfollow Everyone on Tiktok At Once. It is on the lower right corner of the screen. Click on the people you want to follow. There is a huge list of people you follow. The third step is to un follow.

How do you delete multiple videos from favorites on TikTok?

On your TikTok profile, tap the banner button to the right. There is a folder called the “All Favorites” If you want to remove a video from your favorites, you can tap the collection you want to remove from.

How do you mass delete favorites on TikTok?

You can select the option to remove from the fabrics by clicking on the three dots. This is where you can see here more.

How do you delete a saved video on TikTok?

Look for the triple dotted menu icon along the right side of the video, then click on the following button. Once you hit privacy, you need to be safe. And see if that is true.