How do I delete all my emails at once in Outlook?

  1. To delete all your emails at once in Outlook, you can use the Delete All function.
  2. First,select all the emails you want to delete by clicking on the checkbox next to the email’s title.
  3. Then, click on the Delete button and select Delete All.
  4. A dialog box will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete all the messages.
  5. Click on Yes to proceed.

How do I delete all my emails from Outlook?

The file can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. Account settings can be selected. Select the account you want to remove from.

How do I mass delete emails in Outlook by date?

You need to sign in to your account with Microsoft. You can go to your inbox. Click Sweep if you want to clean up the emails. You have the option of moving or deletion of emails.

How do I delete thousands of emails in Outlook?

Deleting multiple messages can be done in Outlook Web Access. g There is an inbox. The Shift key can be held down on the keyboard. Click on the messages that you want to remove. The highlighted emails will be deleted at once.

How do I clear Outlook and start over?

Outlook profile needs to be reset. The Control Panel can be accessed by clicking Start or the Windows button. The Mail component needs to be selected. Click the show profiles button. The Outlook profile needs to be highlighted. Click Yes if you want to remove the profile. Click OK if you want to apply. Outlook can be started. More things.

How do I delete old emails from 6 months in Outlook?

Click on the folder to see theProperties in Outlook. Use the settings on the AutoArchive tab to archive this folder. If you want to clean out items older than 180 days, you must enter the desired amount of days/months/years. You can Permanently remove old items.

How do I delete large amounts of email?

There is not a quick way to cut them. You have to hold the Shift key instead of clicking a button. Click the first email, hold down Shift, click the last email, and then hit the deletion button.

How do I delete old emails in Outlook 2020?

Click AutoArchive if you want to remove older emails from Outlook. Use the settings to archive this folder. It’s better to choose an older than time. If you want to permanently remove old items, click here. Click OK if you don’t want to.

How do I clean up thousands of emails?

You can use Gmail’s “Filter messages like these” feature to get rid of a lot of emails. Click on the open square at the top left of the screen to find the conversations that match the search. You will be able to choose every email in your inbox.

How do I delete the default data file in Outlook?

If you have 64 bit Windows, you can run the Mail applet in the Control Panel after Outlook is closed. You should be able to remove the bad data file if you click on the button.

How do I delete old emails from 2 years?

You will receive older emails if you type older than:1y. It is possible to use m for months or days. If you want to remove them all, click the Check all box, then click the “select all conversations that match this search” button.

How do I change auto delete in Outlook?

Click the option to stop Outlook from auto- Deleting emails. If you click Advanced in the left bar, you will be taken to the Outlook Options dialog box where you can uncheck the empty deleted items folders. The change can be saved if you click the OK button.