How do I delete a mailbox?

  1. Deleting a mailbox is a process that removes all messages and folders from the mailbox, and also removes the mailbox from Exchange.
  2. When you delete a mailbox, any mail that was in the deleted mailbox is also deleted from the user’s Inbox and Sent Items folders.

Why can’t I delete a mailbox on my Iphone?

mailboxes that can’t be deleted were placed there The mailbox should be deleted from the profile.

How do I delete a mailbox in my Iphone?

Go to your mailbox’s list and tap on the Edit button in the upper-right corner. You can remove the mailbox by tapping it. You can remove the mailbox by tapping it. Then you have to tap Done.

How do I delete mailboxes from Mail?

Delegating a mailbox. You can click on the Mailbox to remove it. There are 2 You can remove the mailbox.

How do I remove a mailbox from my Mac?

You can choose a mailbox in the Mail app on your Mac. Do you want to remove the mailbox? If you can’t get rid of a mailbox on the server, you should contact the provider of your account.

Why don’t my emails delete when I delete them?

Deleting the phone from your inbox won’t be enough to make sure it doesn’t show up in your email.

How do I edit my Mailbox on my iPhone?

If you want your mailboxes to appear at the top of the list, you can rearrange them. It’s possible to tap. tap the Edit option in the upper- left corner. Hold and touch at the same time. Next to a mailbox, drag it to a different position.

How do I delete a mailbox off my phone?

Email is one of the ways to go to applications. The settings menu can be found on the email screen. Hold onto the Exchange Account until the Menu window opens. Click on the Menu window to remove your account. tap OK or remove account to finish

How do I delete a mailbox on iPhone 7?

You can remove accounts if you want to. At the bottom, tap on it.

How do I remove an email address from Apple Mail?

Go to the Mail app on your Mac and choose Mail > Preferences. Click the Remove button if you don’t want to have an account.

Where are my mailboxes on my Mac?

Email accounts, mailboxes, messages, and other items can be found in the Mac mail folder. Mail is the title. Go to the folder and type /Library/Mail/.

How do I delete VIP mailbox on Mac?

The Mail app on your Mac can be used to send a message. Click their star if the pointer is moved next to their name. The Mail sidebar and Favorites bar have been removed from the person’s inbox.

Does deleting an email delete it from all devices?

When you close an app, it won’t have time to sync back to the server and you will find the same message reappears on the device where you deleted it.

When I delete emails on my iPhone they are still on my computer?

You can see the emails in each place if you download a copy of the email to each device. When you remove an email from your desktop computer, it will remain on your mobile device. And vise versa.