How do I contact hi5?

  1. There is no one specific way to contact hi5.
  2. The company has a customer support page on its website that allows users to submit questions or problems they are experiencing with the site.
  3. Additionally, there is a link to customer support on the hi5 homepage.
  4. Users can also find hi5 on various social media platforms, where they can send messages to the company.

How do I access my old Hi5 account?

If you haven’t used Hi5 in a while, you could lose your account. To reactivate it, you need to enter your email address in this tab, then click on the link in your mailbox and pick a new password to use.

How do you cancel Hi5 account?

From the desktop navigation bar, select the account you want to remove from it. Go to the “Cancel Account” section and click the link. Select if you want to cancel your account. Click “Cancel Account” if you don’t have a password.

How can I delete my Hi5 account without password?

Log into the account when someone dies. Click on theAccount button in the upper right corner and then click on theCancel Account button in the settings page.

Does Hi5 exist?

It is for users who are interested in flirting, dating, and making new friends. Users must be at least 18 years old to join hi5. hi5 was reclassified by comScore as an online gaming site in early 2011. I am hi5 The show was launched in June 2004.

What happened to the old Hi5 social network?

After its launch, Hi5 was one of the most popular social networking sites. It was bought by MeetMe for $60 million earlier this year, after it was sold to another social network.

How do I reactivate my Tagged account?

If you canceled your account, please email [email protected] There is a website for assistance.

How do I stop getting Hi5 emails?

Go to the Hi5 website and click on the Help button at the bottom of the page. If you are not a member, click on the “Click Here” link and enter your email address. You can block email by clicking on the button. More things.

How do I reset my Hi5 password?

Go to hi5 if you have forgotten your password. Select “Forgot your password?” The upper right hand contains the password box. You can enter the email address associated with your account. You can get instructions from an email titled “You requested a new Tagged Password”“. More things.

How old is Hi5?

The program is known for its educational content and pop music appeal, with the cast of the show known collectively as Hi-5. February 24, 2003 was when the series began. The program was nominated three times.

Is Tagged and Hi5 same?

Hi5 will remain their own distinct brands if you click in the first name box. Before the shift to mobile led to a drop-off of its desktop properties, Tagged planned to go public.

Who is the Bebo?

Click in the first name box if you want to enter your first name tab. Bebo. It’s com. It has been launched. July of 2005 The American social networking website Bebo was reborn in February of 2021.

Where is Orkut now?

Orkut Bykkkten is the creator of the website. Orkut was the most visited website in India and Brazil in 2008.

What happened to my space?

Due to rising competition, a poor and inconsistent product, heavy spending, and ongoing legal battles, Myspace failed. The site became the world’s leading social media platform in 2004. It was bought by News Corp in 2005 for $580 million.

Is Myspace still around?

You can go to myspace. It has mostly transitioned away from social networking to become a music and entertainment site. Over 7 million visits were made to the site in 2019.

How do I contact Tagged support?

You can contact us at [email protected] Email address or a link to the account is required. A new email address has been created.

Does Tagged have a phone number?

There is a code called 1789. You can contact the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs by writing to Consumer Information Division, 1625 North Market Blvd. The office is located in Suite N 112 in Sacramento, California.

Can Tagged delete your account?

You can’t use the app to get rid of your account. You have to log in through the website.

How is Hi-5 spelled?

Informal or high five. A greeting in which one person slaps the upraised palm of the other person’s hand.

Who invented the high five?

The Johnny Appleseed and the high five were both invented by the same man. The low five is a fixture of African-American culture.

Where is Hi-5 filmed?

Infinite Studios, Singapore is one of the Hi-5 House Production locations.

Is tag a dating site?

San Francisco, California’s Tagged is a social discovery website. It allows members to browse the profiles of other members. It claims to have 300 million members.

What kind of dating site is Tagged?

It is tagged. com is an online dating service that allows users to meet new people.

How do you get real money on Tagged pets?

You can get a cash bonus based on the number of pets you own by logging in every four hours. A random cash bonus is earned for your first five purchases. More things.

What is Kareena kapoors pet name?

Did you know that Siddhima was named after her because she was nicknamed Bebo? In order to rhyme with her cousin Riddhima, who was born six days before the actor’s birthday, Raj Kapoor’s granddaughter was named Siddhima.

How can I get invited to Bebo?

You have to be nominated by another Bebo member to join. Seven new members can be nominated by new members. Your own reputation within the community is determined by who you nominate. You should only invite people who you know well.