How can I delete Viber account?

  1. There is no direct way to delete a Viber account.
  2. However, you can deactivate your account by going to the Viber website and clicking on the “Deactivate Account” link.
  3. Your account will be deactivated, but all of your data (including messages, contacts, and settings) will be saved.
  4. If you decide to reactivate your account in the future, your data will still be there.

How do I delete Viber from my iPhone?

How to remove viber account from your phone. The more options menu has settings.

What happens when you delete Viber app?

Your account information will remain even after the app is removed. If you install it again, you can sign into the same account again. If you uninstall Viber, you will lose your chat history, but you won’t lose contacts.

Does Viber delete inactive accounts?

If they leave Viber, they might be wondering if they can uninstall their data. In a way, yes.

How do I uninstall Viber from my laptop?

You can uninstall Viber on your computer. Next to the Search field is your profile picture. Click on the settings you want to modify. Privacy and security can be clicked on. Click Deactivate to stop it. If you want to confirm, click on Deactivate again. The Control panel can be opened on your PC. Click on the program you want to view. More things.

How do I delete Viber from my IPAD?

If you touch and hold an app from the Home Screen and it jiggles, you can remove it by using the Remove icon in the upper- left corner of the app. Touch and hold the app to get rid of it. There is an app that you want to remove. If you want to confirm, tap the app that you want to uninstall.

How do you know if someone deleted Viber?

It was asked in question. Still A is visible to B, with the last seen of the date when A uninstalled app. If B has A’s phone number saved to contact list, A is not visible to B.

Does anyone use Viber anymore?

The share of the market. There were 800 million registered users at the end of the year. There are 260 million monthly active users. In Greece, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and some Asian markets, the Viber messenger is very popular.

How will you know if someone block you in Viber?

The first step is the steps below. Go to the group chat. You should look for the contact. Send a message. Check to see if your message was seen. The person may be active in the group. You have been blocked if he doesn’t reply to your messages.

Does Viber notify your contacts when you join?

Only when you join the service for the first time. When you sign up for Viber, the app will let you know if any of your friends use it as well. This feature is designed to encourage you to use the app.

How can I delete Viber group?

There is a group on the phone. It’s possible to open it. You can remove the group by selecting it. The icon is at the top right. You can tap on the chat info. At the bottom, you can choose to leave and remove. Select the option to confirm.

How can I recover Viber chat history?

The app can be connected to a user’s account on the internet. It will allow them to back up their chats to the internet. They will include their app data.

Is Viber a free app?

It’s become popular because of its security options. The desktop app for Windows, Mac, or Linux can be installed. Text messages, voice calls, and video calls can be made with the free app.

Will deleting an app delete it from all devices?

The app will be deleted permanently if the steps are not followed. If you don’t want to permanently remove the data from your device, you can always move it to the app drawer.

How do I completely delete an app?

You can hold the app you want to remove in order to permanently uninstall it. When your phone vibrates, you can move the app around the screen. You can uninstall the app by dragging it to the top of the screen. Remove your finger from the app when it turns red.

Why won’t my iPad let me delete apps?

In the higher version of the operating system, choose “Screen Time”, “Content Privacy & Restrictions”, and “iTunes & App Store Purchases” In the lower version of the operating system, choose “General” > “Restrictions”. The password can be entered for restrictions. The “Deleting Apps” setting should be set to “On/ Allow” so that it can be used.

What does GREY tick mean on Viber?

The status icons are similar to those used by competing apps, where one grey check mark indicates the message has been sent, two grey check marks indicate it has been received and two colored check marks indicate it has been read.

How do I remove my number from Viber?

You can uninstall a contact on your phone. It’s possible to open it. You can find the contact you want to remove by going to your contact list. The pop-up menu will appear if you press on the contact. You can find the option to “Delete contact” on the list. You should confirm that you want to end the relationship.

What does 2 ticks mean on Viber?

Your message is being sent. Two means that your message has been delivered. It’s purple if your recipient has seen your message.

What is the disadvantages of Viber?

One-on-one chats, group chats, audio and video calls can’t be read by the app. We don’t have access to your messages since we use end-to-end encryption.

Which is safer Viber or WhatsApp?

OpenWhisper is the technique used by the messaging service. It’s a new mechanism and it’s quite secure. Viber uses an open-sourced protocol with in-house security additions to make it more secure.

What is better than Viber?

It was 4. What makes Facebook Messenger different is its voice and video calling features. It only lets you make calls to Facebook Messenger users, so the calling features are limited.

Can you still send a message to someone who blocked you on Viber?

You can make calls and send messages to someone you don’t want to talk to, but you won’t get any messages from them.

Can I still send a message to someone who blocked me on Viber?

You can see the status of the conversation when you send a message on the app. You could have been blocked if those notifications didn’t show up. Messages will not be delivered or seen if they are sent to people who have blocked you.

Does one GREY tick mean blocked?

The ticks are a sign that you have been blocked. Two grey ticks mean the message has been received and two green ticks mean it has been read. Only one grey tick can be seen by users who have been blocked.

Can I use Viber without phone number?

Before it can be installed on your computer, it needs to be set up on a mobile phone. The phone number is used to contact you in both places.

Is Viber connected to Facebook?

As part of a growing boycott of the company by commercial partners, the fifth biggest messaging service in the world is severing its ties with Facebook.

Can you change number in Viber?

Go to More and change your phone number. There is an account that you can tap on. You can change the phone number.