How can I delete my ShareChat account permanently from mobile?

  1. To delete your account permanently from mobile, you will need to first uninstall the ShareChat app.
  2. Once done, please visit our website and fill in the form provided there to delete your account.
  3. Please note that this process cannot be undone and all your data will be deleted permanently.

How do I delete chat on ShareChat?

There is a menu above the message. If you want to remove an entire conversation thread, open the Inbox, scroll to the thread you want to remove, and do not click the thread. Click on the 3 dots on the right. The menu will open and you can choose to remove it.

How do I delete my group on ShareChat?

Click on a group’s name. The group should be deleted. Click the group you want to remove. Click OK if you want to confirm.

How can I permanently delete my tango account?

The deletion request will be processed automatically. There is no need for it.

How do I delete my tango account on mobile?

The settings are located next to friends on the tangos profile page. Select ‘account’ after clicking it. Click OK if you want to remove my tango life from the list.

Can I delete ShareChat account permanently?

The deletion process is easy to follow. If you want to manage your account, go to the drop-down menu with your usernames. Click on “Manage Account” and then “Delete Account” Why do you want to remove your account?

How do I enable 18+ on ShareChat?

Click on the profile pic on the top left corner of your home screen to open it.

How Admin can dissolve WhatsApp group?

If you want to remove a group from the app, you have to open it on your phone and tap “chats.” There is a word at the top of the screen. To remove a name from a group, you have to scroll down and tap on it.

How do you dissolve a group on WhatsApp?

Go to the group chat and remove the group. The group can be swiped to the left in the chat tab. Then tap More again. You can tap on the group to remove it.

How do I delete chat box?

Then go to the chat option. It can be changed to chat. Off to go. Then you can save. You can see more.

How do I delete my Fiesta Tango account?

You can remove your account. Thegear wheels are at the bottom left. When the window is open. The deletion can be initiated by clicking on the “Delete” tab.

How can I delete my Snapchat account?

The button in the Profile screen can be used to open the settings. Click on ‘Account Actions’ and follow the steps to get rid of your account.

How do I contact Sharechat?

Customer care [email protected] [email protected] if you have a press query.

How do I open Sharechat?

The button snap chat is open. There is a window. There is more.

Is ShareChat safe?

Although we will do our best to protect your Personal Information, we can’t guarantee the security of your data transmitted to the platform.

Can we chat in ShareChat?

Private messaging, tagging, and a personal messaging feature are some of the new features rolled out by Sharechat.

How do I save photos from ShareChat to gallery?

Click on the star in the bottom right of the post to save the post. This post will be saved into the Sharechat Gallery and can be viewed whenever the user wants, even if he is offline, thus serving the purpose of an actual phone gallery.

How can I permanently delete WhatsApp messages from both sides?

To remove a message from everyone, go to the chat with the message you want to remove. You can hold the message. Select more messages to remove multiple messages at the same time. Tap the option to remove everyone.

Can I delete a WhatsApp group for everyone?

If you’re the group admin, you can remove a group for everyone. If you want to remove a group, you have to remove everyone in the group. The chat history on your phone will be erased when you remove a group from your list.

Can I delete a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing?

The option of disabling or disabling group notifications can be found under the’Group Notifications’ tab. It is possible to turn off the group. This is how you can leave the group without being noticed.

How can I delete WhatsApp account?

You can open the messaging service and remove your account. My account can be deleted by tapping More options. You can enter your phone number in international format. You can select a reason in the drop down. Go to my account and remove it.

How can I delete WhatsApp messages older than 30 days?

You need to change your phone’s time and date settings if you want to get rid ofWhatsApp messages for a long time. Go back in time to when you sent the message to enable the deletion option. Did the method work for you?

How do I delete conversations in Microsoft teams?

You can ask a question in the Microsoft Teams Community. You can find the chat from the tab. It is possible to remove one-on-one, group, and meeting chats. Go left on the chat. There is more. There is a button that you can tap to remove it. You can confirm that you want to remove it by tapping Yes.

How do you delete a hangout account?

Go to the Hangouts app on your phone or tablets. The menu is at the top left. Next to your account is the Down arrow. You can manage accounts by tapping on them. Your account with the internet search engine. The tap is at the top right. The account needs to be removed.

How do I delete Google Chat history?

Go to hangouts and remove your message history. It’s a search engine. Either way, you can use Gmail or com. You can choose a conversation. You can change the settings at the top of the conversation window. Pick the conversation to be deleted. Click the button if you are sure you want to stop talking.