From Symmetry, What Must Be The Shape Of The Magnetic Field In This Toroid?

The magnetic field in a toroid is shaped like a U. From this shape, it follows that the electric field in a toroid must be shaped like a V.

What are toroidal coils used for?

A toroidal coil is used to create a magnetic field.

Does toroid has north and south pole?

Yes, toroid has a north and south pole.

How does a toroid magnet work?

A toroid magnet works by using the Earth’s magnetic field to attract pieces of metal.

What is the magnetic field due to a toroidal solenoid?

The magnetic field due to a toroidal solenoid is a function of the applied current and the shape of the solenoid. It is usually measured in Tesla.

In what respect toroid is different from solenoid?

The solenoid is a type of electrical connector that allows current to flow in one direction while blocking current in the other. Toroid is a type of electrical connector that allows current to flow in both directions.

How is toroid different form a solenoid using Ampere’s circuital law find the magnetic field inside and outside a toroidal solenoid?

A solenoid is a type of transformer that has a coil of wire wrapped around it. The coil is turned around a magnetic field. The field can create a current in the coil. The current can turn the coil around and around. This is how a transformer works.

What is the magnetic field inside the toroid?

The magnetic field inside a toroid is very strong.

What is the magnetic field at the Centre of circular loop?

The magnetic field at the Centre of a circular loop is zero.

Why magnetic field outside the toroid is zero?

The electric field outside the toroid is zero because the toroid is a closed system.

What is the magnetic field at outside the toroid and inside in the open space of a toroid?

The magnetic field around a toroid is usually around 8 T.

Is a toroid a magnet?

A toroid is a type of magnet.

What direction does the magnetic field point in a toroid?

The magnetic field points in a toroid towards the North Pole.

What is toroidal ring?

A toroidal ring is a type of ring that has a shape that is a combination of a torus and a doughnut.

Does a toroid have magnetic poles?

Yes, a toroid does have magnetic poles.

How do you make a toroidal field?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Different methods may be used to create toroidal fields, depending on the specific needs of the project. However, a few general tips to help create a toroidal field include:1. Use a rotating field tool to create a rotating toroidal field.2. Use a Helmholtz coil to create a Helmholtz-type toroidal field.3. Use a Faradays coil to create a Faradays-type toroidal field.4. Use a Faradays-type inductor to create a Faradays-type toroidal field.5. Use a Faradays-type capacitor to create a Faradays-type toroidal field.

What is a toroidal field?

A toroidal field is a type of magnetic field that is generated by a coil of wire wrapped around a rotating object. The field is created by the interaction of the rotating object and the magnetic field created by the coil.

What is a toroid Class 12?

A toroid is a Class 12 material.

Is magnetic field uniform inside the toroid?

Yes, the magnetic field inside a toroidal object is uniform.

Is toroid a ring shaped open solenoid?

No, toroid is not a ring shaped open solenoid.

What is the shape of an ideal toroid?

The shape of an ideal toroid is a perfect circle with a radius of 1.6.

What is toroid obtain the formula for the magnitude of magnetic field of?

The magnitude of a magnetic field is related to its strength by the equation of magnetic field strength in units of gauss.

What is a toroidal solenoid?

A toroidal solenoid is a type of solenoid that has an outer ring of turns and an inner ring of turns. The turns in the outer ring create a torque, while the turns in the inner ring create a current.

What is a poloidal field?

A poloidal field is a type of electric field that is created when an electric current flows in a circular path. The poloidal field is also known as a radial field.

How is magnetic field of toroid different from that of solenoid?

The magnetic field of a toroid is stronger than that of a solenoid. This is because the toroid has a more curved surface.

What are toroidal transformers used for?

A toroidal transformer is used to transform an AC field into a DC field.

Is toroid open or closed?

The answer to this question is not known.

Is the field produced in a toroid uniform?

No, the field is not produced in a toroid uniform.

What is toroid formula?

The toroid formula is a mathematical formula used to calculate the properties of materials. It is a mathematical expression that states the properties of a material in terms of its shape and size.