Can I send data to a friend Optus?

  1. There is no one definitive way to close a Facebook account.
  2. The most common methods are to either deactivate the account or delete it completely.
  3. Deactivating an account will remove the profile from public view, but the data will still be stored on Facebook’s servers.
  4. Deleting an account, on the other hand, will erase all of the user’s data and prevent them from ever accessing their account again.

Can you send data to another phone?

Transfer your phone number to your new device. Follow the steps on your phone, including connecting to your network, when you power on your new phone. It will have a screen called ‘Copy apps and data’. You will have some options when you click next.

How does Optus data sharing?

Data sharing works. You can combine any of our eligible Postpaid Mobile or Postpaid Mobile broadband plans on the one bill to share the monthly data across your devices. The total value of your shared data is made up of the data allowances of your services.

Can you share data?

You can use your phone’s mobile data to make a connection to the internet. tethering or using a hotspot is the method of sharing a connection. tethering allows some phones to share wi-fi connection The majority of the phones on the market can share mobile data.

How do I send credit to another phone Optus?

You can text #me2u to 9999. The lower case letters have to be used. Click on billing and payments to learn how to use Me2U. If you click on the link under Useful Links, you will be directed to a new page. More things.

How do you share data with someone?

Open that device’s list of options if you want to connect another device. Pick the phone’s name. You need to enter your phone’s password. Click it to connect.

Can I gift data to someone not on my plan?

You can give unused data from your own plan to a family member if they have pay monthly voice or sim-only tariffs and are linked to your master account.

How do you transfer GB to another phone?

You can transfer data from an already purchased data bundle to another customer. If you have bought a 1 100MB can be transferred to another customer.

Can u send credit from Optus to Optus?

If your account is in credit, you have 3 options.

How much data does Optus $20 recharge use?

500MB can be added to MyData for $5 for 3 days. You can get 5 gigabytes for $10 or 7 days.

How do I do IOU?

You can get emergency credit by texting IOU to 468. We will give you a credit on your phone and subtract it from your balance the next time you use it.

How do you transfer data bundles?

Select Internet Sambaza from the menu. The amount of internet data bundles can be entered. You can enter a mobile number.

How can I share my mobile data with other mobiles without hotspot?

How to transfer data from one phone to another without an internet connection. Allow modifying the system settings. The two devices need to be connected. You can click on the device name to send data to it.

How do I buy data for someone?

You can buy a data bundle plan for another customer with your own airtime. If your friend/ family runs out of data, you can buy another plan for them.

Can you transfer mobile data on three?

It is easy to transfer your contacts and data from your old phone to your new one. You can use the Smart Switch app to transfer a backup from your phone. It allows you to transfer data from a phone to a computer.

Can I add another phone to my Optus plan?

There are no lock-in contracts with our new plans. If you want to add a new phone, you can bring your own.

Can you send data Telstra?

You can get access to data sharing with any of the Upfront plans that you sign up for. You don’t need to share your data with others. Data sharing will be available across all plans once these plans are in the same account.

How much is Optus number share?

If you want to share your number between your phone and Apple watch, you’ll have to pay $5 a month.

What does $30 Optus recharge get?

You can get unlimited calls to Australia from your mobile phone if you pay $30 or more. You can also send standard national text messages to your mobile phone in Australia.

What do you get with $10 Optus recharge?

Data inclusion and unlimited national talk and text are included in the plans.

How much data do you get with $40 Optus recharge?

50GB total data is included in the first three $40 Prepaid Epic Data recharges, along with bonus welcome data, and 20GB standard data after the 3rd.

What number do u text for IOU?

You can buy the IOU Pack by texting the word ‘BUY’.

How can I get free Optus recharge?

I don’t know how to get it. You can claim your daily call credit by texting OPTUS_OFFER.

What is a personal IOU?

I owe you is a document that acknowledges a debt. A legally binding commitment is often seen as an informal written agreement.