A Place Where Two Air Masses Meet?

The answer to this question is:The answer to this question is:A place where two air masses meet is where the air pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure. This is typically called a pressure relief area.

Which type of rain occurs when cold and warm air masses meet?

A raindrop.

When two different air masses meet what usually keeps them separate?

When two different air masses meet, the air pressure inside the higher air mass will be greater than the air pressure outside the lower air mass. This creates a vacuum, which can be resisted by the lower air mass. This is what keeps the two air masses separate.

When 2 air masses meet what happens?

When two air masses meet, the pressure on one side of the intersection is greater than the pressure on the other side. This causes the two air masses to become combined and create a new airmass.

What is it called when a warm and cold fronts meet?

The name for this type of weather is called a “cold front.”

What is Frontogenesis and Frontolysis?

Frontogenesis is the process of increasing the production of red blood cells by the body. Frontolysis is the process of decreasing the production of red blood cells by the body.

What is cold air mass?

The cold air mass is the mass of air that is colder than the air around the Earth.

When air masses meet it is called a?

When air masses meet it is called a storm.

What are the 4 types of weather?

There are four types of weather: rain, snow, sun, and thunder.

Where is Continental Polar?

The answer to this question is unknown.

How many air fronts meet in an occluded front?

There are six air fronts meeting in an occluded front.

What do cold fronts mean?

A cold front is a front that moves across the United States from the north. It’s usually accompanied by a cold weather advisory, which means that people should be prepared for the cold weather.

What happens when 2 air masses meet quizlet?

The pressure of the two air masses will cause a large earthquake.

What is meant by air masses?

Air masses are the masses of air in a particular place at a particular time.

Where is the polar front?

The polar front is the front of the Earth’s atmosphere that faces the sun.

What occurs at fronts?

A front is the front of a vehicle, typically the front of a car or motorcycle.

Where is continental tropical?

The continents are where the Earth’s continents are located. The Earth’s poles are located at the Earth’s equator.

What do we call the area where two air masses meet but do not mix?

The area where two air masses meet but do not mix is called the atmosphere.

Where do air masses come from?

The Earth’s atmosphere is made up of about 50% nitrogen, 30% oxygen, and 10% other gases. The rest is made up of tiny particles called atoms.

When two air masses meet what property of the air masses keeps them from combining?

The air masses meet at the Earth’s surface, which is why they cannot combine.

What happens when a cold air mass meets a warm air mass?

A cold air mass will tend to push the air around it towards the warmer air. This will create a wind.

Is a front where two air masses meet?

A front is a region of the atmosphere where two air masses meet.